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Our Branded top quality Vegetable Glycerine is manufactured to meet European (EP) and the United States Pharmaceutical (USP) specifications and complies with the requirements to be used as a food additive as E422. Halal and Kosher approved.

EC NUMBER 200-289-5

The Glycerine content is an oustanding 99.8% minimum

It's biodegradable and has not been tested on any animals, it is derived from various natural products is aroma free and colourless.

Here's a few examples how you may use Vegetable Glycerine

Moisturiser in the production of Soaps

Used in Baking & Cooking

An ingredient for fish baits

A sugar Free substitute in drink manufacturing

An ingredient in Vaping production

Bubble machines

Herbal remedies

Soluble in Water & Alcohol

A Technical data sheet can be made available with your purchase on request.

We dispatch our orders with the courier DPD so they arrive the next day on your doorstep or at your place of business in perfect condition and in quick time. See below for details of delivery to orders away from the UK MAINLAND